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There is no magic, only unread error messages

A little dynamic in my DNS

Today in the computer world almost 100% works with API. DNS servers are no exception, for example with PowerDNS without surprise there is an API but let’s explore what works very well since years: DNSUpdate with its little RFC2136. DynDNS In 2022 many ISPs do not provide fixed IPv4 or IPv6. So it changes regularly depending on a power cut or more from your operator. There are many online services to do this job via an API, maybe even your registrar....

28 May 2022 · 3 min · Yann Verry

DNS RPZ: Lying properly

Make a lying DNS is not new. This feature exist long time ago. Many known stories exist, such as the famous red hand that make popular by public this technic. A list was build by state, secretly release to French ISP. We ear about protect measure ask by major, terrorism etc … But if not, we can make things for ourselves? Yes of course ! like filtering upstream everything that advertising, ad tracking, telemetry a little too talkative or the communication of your camera stamped chineese at 15€ bought on aliexpress which is much too talkative on a thing that ends in ....

15 January 2022 · 4 min · Yann Verry